Awards and Activities

  • UNM School of Engineering Outstanding Junior Faculty Teacher (2012)
  • Department of Civil Engineering Stamm Award for Teaching Excellence (2011 & 2013)
  • UNM Intersection of Culture and Learning Working Group

Undergraduate Education

CE 160: Civil Engineering Design

The objective of Civil Engineering Design is to help students develope the skills necessary to succeed in the Department of Civil Engineering including communication, problem solving, and knowledge of the engineering design process.

CE 331: Introductory Fluid Mechanics 

The objective of this class is to gain a sound understanding of the properties of fluids and fluid forces in static and dynamic applications. To apply understanding to the solution of a wide variety of engineering fluid problems. To internalize a systematic method for solving problems.

CE 440/540: Design of Hydraulic Systems (Spring 2011)

Applications of the principles of fluid mechanics to the design and analysis of pipe systems, open channels, and groundwater wells.

Graduate Education

CE 540: Open Channel Flow

The objective of this class is to thoroughly understand the basic equations of motion for moving fluids in open channels and to apply the equations to design problems.

CE 595: Watershed and Stream Protection and Restoration (Spring 2010, Fall 2011)

The objective of this special topics class is to explore the principles of restoration and sustainable management of streams and watersheds. This includes an overview of hydrologic, sediment transport, geomorphic, and ecological principles applicable to the assessment of stream channel and watershed condition, developing approaches to stream management and restoration, and evaluating the performance of restoration projects.